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detail: Deluxe Child Elena Ball Gown Costume

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Do you have a little Princess at home? One who just can't wait to be a Queen one day? Well, as they say, you need to learn to walk before you can run! You're girly needs to learn how to properly act as a crown Princess before she can take on the royal role as Queen! She can learn a lot from the Princess in the Kingdom of Avalor, Senorita Elena! If you fear that your kiddo won't have the patience, well just remind them that Elena spent over 40 years locked up in an amulet as a Princess and still doesn't get to be promoted to Queen at the snap of her fingers. The power behind the throne comes with a lot of responsibilities and you'll have to make sure your little one is ready to take them all head on. The first thing you can do to help prepare your little Princess to be a Queen is help her dress for the job she wants. Check out this Deluxe Elena Ball Gown Costume! It has all the elegance that Princess Elena emulates and more! This dress takes her original look from the animated series and adds, even more, class and flash! This Ball Gown has everything that Elena's adventure dress is missing, flowers and glitter! She could wear this to a Royal Ball and get awarded for being best dressed! That may cause some tension with the other Disney Princesses but we're sure those royal ladies will gladly take your kiddo under their wings and teach her everything she needs to know to be the best Queen in all the land.

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