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detail: Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 Sr Pro Goalie Chest Protector

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Brand : Vaughn
The new Vaughn V6 1000 goalie chest protector was created to cater to the hybrid goalie's every need while still offering an element of butterfly influence. The result is a high quality chest protector for up to advanced levels of play featuring a lightweight performance and protection. The body of the V6 1000 features three piece layered construction that allows for extreme flexibility with increased protection with the independent layers each able to absorb and dissipate impact energy. The larger segmented block design offers supreme protection and ensures pucks don't create stingers. Large two-piece shoulder floaters constructed of ultra-high density foam allow for maximum net coverage with a range of adjustments to the backplate. These adjustments function to distribute the weight of the chest protector more evenly; reducing goalie fatigue during long ice sessions. The arms of the 1000 unit are based around an anatomical design tapered closer to the gloves; allowing for full glove mobility. Large high density reinforced main elbow floaters provide a firm blocking surface and aid in puck deflection. The arm caps also feature an outer bicep high density extension to increase blocking surface. Molded ultra-high density foam elbow guards offer four point elastic system for a customized fit. Each element of the Velocity V6 1000 has been carefully sized and optimized to ensure a precise fit to give the entire unit the ultimate balance and feel. This superior fit helps keep the padding ergonomically positioned and allows the unit to mold and form with the body for more fluid and quick movement. The Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 chest and arm protector is designed specifically to the needs of both butterfly and hybrid style goaltenders by featuring flexible; lightweight design that maximizes coverage in net. For the advanced level goaltender; the search for the ideal chest protector ends here.

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