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detail: Vaughn Ventus Lt98 Pro Chest Arm Protector

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The brand new Vaughn Ventus LT98 Pro goalie chest protector is specifically designed to deliver outstanding professional level protection and meet the needs of the butterfly style goaltender looking to take up as much net as possible. It achieves this by orienting the coverage towards the upper body while remaining incredibly mobile on the lower portion. The body of the new Ventus LT98 is constructed of high density foam blocks combined with Vaughn's exclusive Carbon enhanced Performance protection system to offer the ultimate in advanced-level protection. The main chest body is comprised of three sections to optimize flex and align the blocks with proper body positioning so the unit moves and stays with the upper body. The lower portion of the chest and arm protector features an all-new wide profile floating stomach pad with additional ultra-high density foam and carbon fiber reinforcement; allowing full range of mobility while the goalie is in their natural stance. This floating stomach pad has unique adjustments allowing for customization of both tension and height of the extension. New large shoulder floaters square off the upper shoulder area and extend coverage down into the body; providing optimal blocking surface. The shoulder floaters are also backed with a full-length Velcro air pillow for added protection and coverage into the rib area. The arm base is constructed with Aero-Spacer mesh to ensure free range of motion is achievable and to provide great ventilation and air flow for reduced heat buildup. Solid arm protection is made possible through molded high density plastic caps encapsulated in foam padding for increased impact resistance. Newly redesigned arm floaters feature lightweight high-density solid foam internal padding attached to molded plastic elbow caps for continuous protection from all angles. Keeping customization in mind; Vaughn has placed lace tension and four-point elastic adjustments to fit nearly any size arm and goaltending style. T

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